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This Time Of year


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Tony has mentioned that he is quite... Have to say that the same is also true here. We had a couple of very spooky quite days last week, but also, out of the Blue a couple of good ones.

Strange thing is that we have done OK in the last week with Internet sales, and have shifted a fair few albums via the net, in fact I am putting an order together now, to ship out to the States.

May be, people are recovering after Christmas, and have now got there credit card bills etc.

Lets hope that things pick up... So, how is it for you  ??)

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Good Morning all!

Last week was a bit quiet - its picked up a bit this week.  From what your'e saying, I take it most of you have web sites - has this helped figures a lot do you think?  We are not up and running on this yet - hope to be very soon though.

Has anyone heard anything yet about the Noritsu 32 series?  We are going down to MK for a demo soon



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Glad it's not just me that's quiet. I went into boots yesterday and they didn't have any work at all hanging on their rack. Oddly enough we ended up being very busy, about 65 films, good for us at this time of year. Today though it's gone dead again. :'(

My Agfa rep popped in to spend some time with me last week and according to him no-one is busy, anywhere in the country. Could the dreaded 'D' word be having this effect?  ::)

I think it'll all come back if we're patient and prepared to educate our customers that we should be printing their digi photos and not them!

I'm off to design a wallet stuffer to that effect- if it's any good I'll post it on here.


Tony 8)

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Yesterday was not too bad a day, but to day, we have been as dead as a dodo! Its nice to have some time to get things done, but not good when nowt is going in the till  :'(

Not see the new Noritsu, but all being well they will have one at the Focus show.

As far as web sites go, then all I can say is yes, yes, and another yes. Once you have got one set up, it will take a while to see any results etc, but in the long term its well worth it.

We have two sites, one for the main lab side, and another that is a dedicated on-line shop. At the end of the day, if you have got stuff sat on your shelves, then they may as well also be on-line. Its not mega bucks that we take, but every little bit helps.

For the Lab site, yes, this generates new leads for us, and we also have a nice and simple upload section. To-day we taken a couple of orders via the upload.

I think that we, the independents are more aware on what is taking place as far as the markets go.. The big boys not not see the patterns that we see, and it will be interesting come May, when/if any figures are published re volumes of business.

LOL, I think I may do the same as Tony and go knock up a new flyer (pray)

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You know, believe it or not I have not stopped to-day. And almost every single job that has been done, has NOT been from negatives!! very spooky  ::)

Sue, do you use Frontpage at the moment?? Frontpage 2003 is very nice, and has come on a ling way. I do use some addons to front page like Xara. But a lot of the stuff I do now is in .php and not .html Have also been doing a fair bit of stuff with MYSql which is very nice when it works!

I do, also have to do some hand coding at times.

Right, thats it I am off to Sue's shop to claim my free bacon butty (dance)

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Hi Jack... welcome to the forums  :)

I do think that this year may well see some more casualties in the photo finishing trade.

But also talking to other small business owners, I feel that we are not alone in this slump.

Lets hope that things pick up in a couple of weeks, after the school holidays.

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We have also been quiet over the past couple of weeks, however we are within a shopping centre and the trend for almost all of the retailers in this centre has been a very slow start to 2004. Regardless we have seen digital volumes continue to rise since christmas. With a little more educating the consumer of how terrible printing at home really is, and once the old fifty for a fiver is out of the way, I am sure that for what we are losing on film etc, digital work will more than compensate.

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Hi Guys (and Gals!)- yeah, it's weird at the mo.

Yesterday (thurs) I was really busy with a mixture of film and digital, never stopped all day, so much so that I never had time to check the forum. Today however is the exact opposite- I'm bored bored bored!

Perhaps Sue and I should get together- I'll give away a coffee with a photo cd and if sue gives away her bacon butty with a print we can supply a meal for every D&P with CD !!!

;D ;D ;D

Tony  8)

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