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I have amini lab 39xlsa-sm (Kodak) I want oto be able to convert to do digital printing. Kodak are not much help.They only want to sell me new machine. I have spent 50 grand on this I do not want to do the same again. Any ideas how to do this please let me know or contact company etc.

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Hi sms, and a very warm welcome to minilabhelp.com , thank you for joining us.

OK, you have a few options here. There are a few machines that will allow you to print via dye sub, from digital files, I think that Cussack is doing one, as well as some other companies.

The down side of this is you will probably be looking at around 10-15k for a new set up  >:(

Also the media cost is expensive compared to traditional photographic printing.

Do you get any of the Trade papers like Panorma etc?? If you do not, just e-mail me or send a PM, and I will post a copy out for you.

You could look out on the second hand market, but you do not see much "digital" equipment about, at the moment.

Hope that this of some help?? If you have any more questions, just post them up, and we will see if we can help any more.

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Hi sms, welcome to the forum.

Not familiar with your machine but you could try this company, Fastlab UK ltd. They market an adaptor that goes in place of the neg carrier to allow you to print from digital files.

tel 01752 848433

email info@fastlabuk.com

web  www.fastlabuk.com


Tony 8)

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