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I am new to this forum and I hope to get some advice.

I have a studio and a large-format printer and I now want to set up an internetpage where customers can upload their own picturefiles and send to me for printing.

Does anyone have any experience with software that I can use for this?

Any advice is greately appreciated.

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That has to be the oddest endorsement ever! There could be a few reasons why you haven't gotten any orders though as that's the exception more than the rule n in this day and age:

- The order now at the top right is in an odd spot and doesn't look like a call to action to click that spot. Looking at your site I'd click on the digital prints button which brings us to a price list.

- Add an A-Frame to your window so that those passing by can see that you accept online orders, this will slowly but surely bring in new blood to your store, the kind that drives by / walks by daily but never stops in.

- Add 'stuffers' to all your shopping bags, getting current customers to re-order more often is one of the benefits of online ordering. Essentially when a customer drags on to long before ordering prints of an event, they sometimes simply don't order that event anymore as they spent money elsewhere or just lost interest.

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Hey Pat, yes it's odd, but so am I !   You already know that.  I didn't want it to sound too much like an endorsement as Neil might not like it.  We've been signed up since last June/July and haven't paid a single cent yet.  If only we'd get some orders, then I'd be happy to send you a check.

Yes, we're an exception to the rule because it's NOT the service, it's the customers.  We're physically in an "interesting area" and our clients are quite "special".  

To try to get everyone to migrate over to our on-line ordering, we've implemented (like some others) a $3 service fee if they email us photos, plus a 25% markup per print, and we still have several of them email us photos, or quit altogether.

We have stuffers and a big sign in the window but a crappy web site.  

I'll work on changing the positioning on our web site in the next week or so, and see if that will help drive traffic.

BTW: Thanks for the tips -- I could, obviously, use some more.

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