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For Valentines cards, you want to have a rather high price for the first card, as you'll often get the people ordering the one card exclusively. Figure that a card at Hallmark sitting on a rack with no customization will go for $5.99 to $10.99, yours is a custom photo product made to order on the spot! You may also want to offer mini sizes / cut apart cards for school children or at least a very good volume discount if they are ordering many to hand out in class.

Mind you it's a bit late to market and create awareness at this point.

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Thank you for your answer. I've visited Hallmark.com for a price comparison

and I've found that they sell personalized 4.3x6 postcards at 0,99$.

This is what I can offer with my chemical minilab and I've  decided to sell 5x7

personalized with photo postcards at 1.50€ (1,98$). It's only one day and, here

in Catalonia, is not so popular than in other countries. Here the day of love and

books is yearly St George (St Jordi) each April 23rd, and we sell this kind of cards too.


Oh sorry I forgot to thank "manager" for the link it was very useful!!

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