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KODAK Creative Production Software v4

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Does anybody know much about the Kodak creative production software v4. It looks to be a really useful piece of software that will make collages, posters, calendars, greeting cards, post cards, photo IDs, photo books etc. I have asked my Tetenal rep, and he seems to think it is the APEX software, but I'm not so sure.

Has anyone used it?

Is it any good?

Is it the APEX software?

Many thanks,


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I recived a trial version V5.0 (as I am Kodak technitian  ;)), but do not ask me the difference betwen that and the V4.0, as I did not yet recived the info about that ;)

It is usefull software which can print on several predefined printers, but also on the windows printer (sublimation, inkjet, large format, duplex, lab....)


It is not the APEX software, but it can connect to APEX and even to most off the chemical labs.

It is standalone software.

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Thanks, I was sure it was standalone software and not APEX (clap)

As V5 is soon to be released I may wait for that, I just have to convince my Tetenal / Kodak rep that it really does exist !! (conf31)

If you find out more info on V5, I would appreciate it if you could let me know as there seems to be no info in the UK on it at all  :'(

I know it would be of great use to me as I can't afford to go dry lab yet, but I need a good piece of software for all the creative stuff I do.

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