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Noritsu dry lab with Kodak G3 heads speed problem


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Hi All,

I have a Noritsu dry lab connected to 7 x kodak G3 heads, but when i send a few orders to lab it can take up to 15mins for them to appear. I have turned off the Kodak perfect touch software which has help it when sending one order but ant more seems to slow the system down to a halt.

Any ideas


David / Ireland

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This is probably not the issue, but it's an idea....

Sounds like a networking problem.  Do you have a hub or a switch ?  What speed ?

Get, at a minimum, a cheap Gigabit switch with Cat 5e cabling.  (most of the kiosks are probably 100mhz)

Turn off the "computer browser" service on all the kiosks (except for 1 main computer to be the master browser which must be on when everything else is on)

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