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       When taking digital orders we have been endevouring to inspect at least a representative part of the files for size (with pixelation in mind). Unfortunately a couple of weeks ago an order sliped through without inspection and upon printing the results were dissapointing. The customer returned, we talked of file sizes vs. resolution vs. print size, their order had been printed upon the kiosk (dye sub) which prints @ 400dpi, the file sizes were so marginal that we re-printed upon our lab (@350dpi) which improved all but a handfull of the prints. I now have a customer who will return and has a better understanding of print sizing. An interesting photographer to.

  After having to re-print over 300 6x4's, we were strictly adhering to our 'quality check' policy. A beautifull image was presented for printing (an owl in flight), unfortunately was only 330kb in size, print size required was 10x8, which would obviously pixelate quite badly.

  An image like this, viewed from more than 4/5 feet, would still look good, but not wanting to dissapoint the client, we informed them of the possibility of pixelation. He got extremely angry and agressive, saying he had been 'doing digital' for the last 30yrs.(????) and knew exactly what he was doing, pixelation would not be visible to the naked eye etc. etc. would not give us the chance to say that we did not want to dissapoint, and stormed out getting very physical on the way. As my wife is under 7st. this could be serious.

  We have put his reaction down to too much 'Christmass spirit'S' the evening before, as there was a deffinate sourness to the breath.

  As I still had the image on the system, I printed it both to size required and filesize. Filesize print was just about acceptable, but enlargement......, I dread to think what his reaction would have been if I had printed for him without warning of pixelation.

  So, the question is, how does everyone else cope with this problem ? Do you just print and hope the client doesn't notice (or is just incapable of seeing) and run the risk of a pasting, or advise about the possibility of pixelation and run the risk of a pasting ??  We shall continue as we are, trusting that the majority of people are reasonable and realise that we are only concerned about the quality of their prints.

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