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...as we're on this topic..

www.photomart.co.uk are holding an all-day workshop on digital ID photography using Sony systems on Friday, June 15.

If anyone out there is free on that day, and can demonstrate that they have a highly successful ID photo business using Sony UPX-C200, UPX-C100 or SnapLab systems, we would be interested in speaking to them about doing a presentation as an EXPERT demonstrator for us.

Email design2@photomart.co.uk if you're interested.

And of course, if any visitor to the forum would like to attend, they can book a FREE ticket from www.photomart.co.uk :-)

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Sorry guys/girls, I use a cheap and cheerful Kodak digi cam, small studio flash for background.wack the card info minilab in 5 mins purfect ID photos 95% with no shadows print cost 3p time taken 5mins from takin pic to ouput inc.small babies, even get em to buy a keyring too.

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It came from the polaroid guys - its a roll down backdrop that is slightly rough and has a bright white highly reflective surface - reminds me of those stripes you get on coats and kids trainers. does anyone else know the trade name for these?

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