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Print order software for Fuji Frontier 370


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Thanks for your reply. The FTP part is no problem, that is easy to set up.

But that does only solve part of the problem, that of sending the folders with the image files and order files across to the PC running the frontend software where orders are processed.

In addition to sending the folders across, I would like the orders to show up in the frontend software so that the lab operator can select and print them from there.

Does anyone have the file format details regarding the order format to use to send orders to the frontend software on the Frontier? (or alternatively, direct to the Frontier)I have heard that there

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Hi Carl

There are a few options to automatically queue the software in c4/c5 Frontier. However, I believe it is not as simple as having a scripting file (text) - it requires a direct datbase communication to the Frontier software (using ODBC or similar). "Outlab" software by Axiom (now Silverwire) does this in the UK. May be worth contacting Fujifilm directly as they may sell this (or other) software as standard middleware to allow you to integrate.

If you find out there is a standard integration package, etc... let me know.

Which online software are you using, out of curiosity?


Adam from Australia.

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HI Carl,

I have heard of  a company called Softworks Systems Inc., with a package called ROES for ordering prints to Frontier printers, but it talks about "Fuji Pic Pro" integration , I don't no whether C4/C5  is related to  "Fuji Pic  Pro" please check with them as  i am a Noritsu user not a Fuji Frontier user . Their  web site also claims some customers in UK using ROES.

And here is the web address: http://www.softworkssystems.com/

Hope this helps, and also let me know if it helps or your comments regarding this, as I am also looking for  remote and online ordering SW for my Noritsu machines.

And out of interest which on line solution you are using?

KVS from India

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Roes is absolutely wonderful.  It is extremely powerful, and a standard in the Pro lab industry.

Let me know if you have any questions on it!



        I do have a few questions on ROES, may be it may sound silly and not a right place to put ,any way i will put it here.


       If we use rose solution, where does the color correction takes place? Does the user of rose client color correct the images before placing the orders for prints or is it after receiving the order file , lab should use a different SW to color correct the images before sending it to the printer, because i see no color correction facility in the rose server component.

   Next, ROSE client sends the original file as it is with out any resizing to the required pixel resolution for the ordered print size, so don't you think it is an unnecessary band width use waste time and money?

Let me tell you the point with an example, say customer wants a 4x6 print from a file of DSLR with 2000x3000 image, to make 4x6 we need 1200x1800 pixles at 300dpi so why send 2000x3000 image over the net and then down sample at lab during rendering by roes server, dont you think we are   wasting band width? My argument is that down sampling has to be done at client side as per the requirement  of size and print resolution

And of course if there is a any need of up sampling in the opposite situation, ( from a low res file a bigger print) it has to done on the server side, again to save band width?

Any idea on cost involvement to set  up rose solution, I heard it is quite expensive, we at India, the labs don't have that many dollars ?


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Let's see if I can answer your questions.

As far as color correction, you can set up the server to not render products until your color correction has completed.  You would use another workflow to do this.  IN our case we use ZBE's Workstream.  Then you can trigger the Roes server to render and print to your printer.  

When it comes to resolution.  You are completely correct in both examples.  However the argument for the client software resizing is that it will slow their machine down, and create a poor customer experience.  Since we only deal with professional photographers, we give them tutorials on resizeing their images prior to upload in Photoshop or Lightroom.  This saves time for everyone.  

Costs are based on USD.  We run an seperate FTP server for roes, so maybe $100 for the server software and a machine to run it on.  The full roes pro software is 8000.00 for the first year, then there is a percentage of that due every subsequent year for licesing and maintenance.  The server will run on any mac or pc, we went with a quad processor, 4gb of ram and Raid 0 system drive, so maybe 3500.00 for the box.

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