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Large poster prints from digital australia


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I get a few customers coming in asking about digital prints that are larger than 8x12" (the largest we can print) Who do you guys contract your digital work out too in Australia? melb pref...

I dont want to spend the money getting more equipment but would like to offer my customers the complete service.


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Like Neil we now use the Epson 9600, great piece of kit for large prints from negs, digital or prints. We have found of late that the demand for bigger prints with digi cameras improving in quality people seem very keen on framing there own prints for the living room wall. Sunsets are a big favourite, somthing us brits have to go over seas for unfortunately. It also opens up other markets to you, point of sale for other retailers (and yourself) and canvas printing which is currently very popualar over here anyway and you can make some good profit on such things as people expect to pay a premium for them. Something the big boys don't dabble in YET!

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What is the most popular item people are producing?  Is it from digital cameras, or from negatives.  Do you charge the same for both, or extra for scanning the neg and removing any dust etc.

Are people printing POS, posters etc for business, if so from what file formats and onto what papers, standard paper or photographic type papers?

Does anyone have a material to make banners for outside use, the type you would put eyelets in so the banner could be strung up.

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We do a lot of stiff for birthday parties etc, that is can in a print, add some text and make a poster to go on the wall.

But also a good number of large prints from  both negs and digital files. Doing POS is also good, from all sorts of original files, we use a standard paper, and also a heavy weight, both in gloss and mattt.

For out side use, then we have a sticky back vinyl that the customer can stick on baord etc..

But one thing that is now very popular is printing onto canvas material. Though we do not offer to stretch mount this.

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