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Digi-Print pricing


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How do you price you digital prints?

Do you adopt per print pricing or price in blocks of, say, up to 15, up to 27, up to 40? Which caters nicely for 135 and APS but seems odd for digital. BUT if you price per print for digital, when a customers asks how much to print off my card you're straight into how many- how quickly- what size and straight away you've confused yourself, the customer and next door's cat!

Most customers do not have a clue how many shots are on their card ( had one who said about 60, turned out to be 150+) so how can you give them a price?

What has been your experience? Is there a simple to use way of pricing digital prints without causing confusion whilst still being accurate?

We used to price by block, like you would for normal film. The drawback was when someone brought in a disc/ card with, say, 250 shots on it- the person on the counter had to work out how many blocks of 40 that was then multiply by the price per 40 etc. Lots of scope for error.

Now we price per print but when we can't get an accurate quantity from the customer how can we give them a quote? Sometimes I sense the customer walks out thinking we are useless because we can't give him/her a price!

Has anyone a good pricing policy that is better than mine and would be willing to share it?

Tony :-/


Neil- I'd like this to be a sticky so that new contributors can add to this as and when or whenever anyone has an idea. Could be helpful for all of us

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Good points raised here. We work on a sliding scale

1 - 5

6 - 15

16 - 25

26 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 300

This seems to work for us. The great thing about haveing a Kiosk, is that we know how many prints the customer wants. And also, no memory card is left with us.

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Tony, for myself, the Kiosk is one of those bits of kit, that I could now not be with out. Its sort of like a micro wave, once you have had one, you can not live with out it.

At the end of the day, it is up to you how you market the kiosk. If you want to make it work for you, and become another tool, then good POS, and also taking time to demo it to customers to "show it off" etc will give you results.

I agree, that I have seen when i am aout and about a kiosk, that is just sat there waithing for work, but never being used. This, at the end of the day is down to the store that it has been put in. If you just "lob" it in, and let it sit there, then it will do just that, it will sit there.

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early results show customers are very interested. they don't all have/want a PC.

the software is restricting though. the kodak kiosk (G3) needs the software seriously improving: gloss or matt but not both. only the paper sizes the software is writtne with, no 8x6 & no browsing of media - it imports the lot!

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Back to this topic  ;D

Now that the summer season is essentially over how has digital been for you?

We found it slowly growing but very price sensitive.

Our lowest price is 16p for a 4'' print (100 prints upward)

Is this too much, might I do better by lowering my prices?

Could I ask you to let me have your prices ( in the strictest cofidence of course) then I will produce a chart showing how the prices breakdown from region to region, showing minimum , maximum and averages.

This should be of use to us all, but only if all of you reply.

Either e-mail me or pm me, don't put your prices up on this thread (unless you have a burning desire to  ;D)



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For us digital has been in spurts, some days loads of the stuff, and other not much at all. To-day I expect to have done around a thousand digital images from cards and Cd's, but we have had a few decent orders... on customer had 450 prints done from a CD :)

So, I think that this does show that price does not have to be an issue... But again, I am not on the high street with competition close by  

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