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Kodak Gs Compact Slow


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I have a Kodak GS Compact running GSC V2.0 FC4.0 with some 2008, 2010 calendars that I'd like to remove and I don't remember how.... Any help out there?

Also this machine has gotten very slow to see media and print photos.

Is there anything I can do to speed it up?

Here's the specifics of the machine......

System: Lenovo

Model 9266A38

image ID 273.30G1.gho Xp

Release S.GSIXPE SP2

RBM DMD Version GSFROMKPM 1.2 13.1 6.13.9

Memory total 446 mb available 138 mb

Virtual Memory 1.9GB Available 1.5 gb

HardDisk c:\ 9.7 gb available 7.0 gb

HardDisk d:\ 2.9 gb available 514.6 mb

HardDisk e:\ 62.7 gb available 51.9 gb

HardDisk k:\ 62.7 gb available 51.9 gb

HardDisk x:\ 62.7 gb available 51.9 gb

HardDisk z:\ 62.7 gb available 51.9 gb

Could the D drive be the problem? If so How di I clear it?

I used to repair computers, so I'm not afraid to dig into the system,

The system exit to OS has a password that I have no clue what it is I don't remember setting it.

I did set the settings password and can get into the regular settings.

Appreciate your Help....

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