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Color Changed To Magenta Sudnly

sameer bahho

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AOM replacement, there is lots of threads on here regarding other fuji machines and AOM drivers, regarding checks and making sure the AOM's are properly earthed  and swapping the cables on the AOM's etc.

I think that you will have to look at a replacement at some stage there are refurbed ones available, one guy on this site and many others. PM me if you want names.

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Hello. It is typical new type Fuji AOM driver fault. To make sure you can change B and G channels on AOM driver ( connect G input wire to B input on AOM driver, B input wire to G input on AOM driver,G output wire to B output on AOM driver and B output wire to G output on AOM driver ) . After that you should have color drift on B channel. If you will have - AOM driver is faulty. Can repair, if you will need it.

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