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Arcnet Error Started 6901


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expirenced arcnet error first error started 6901-0200 then it changed 6901-4000.; 0008 ; 0001 ,

cleaned and checkked all arcnet cables ., did a arcnet diagnosis and god the error PCI-LVDS/ARCNET not load......and although i had tis error i stlll printed 20 prints appro.

What I have noticed lately is that the INITIALIZING page (0100-00) takes linger to initialize.

confused , i also took out the arcnet pC pcb out to clean contacts.

thanks , any ideas ..is it a Board ?QSS3201SD print count is not that large.

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Follow up, Initializing takes approx 4 minutes, While Printing 50 prints . I got arcnet error 6901-0201 , stopping the alarm got a second error 6901-0201, stopping the alarm got the third error 6074-0008 B Laser . any ideas ?? Thanks

Arcnet cables seem clean unfortunately i have not got a arcnet cable cutter.

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To correct and amend just noticed that when i made the arcnet test i was listing the 32xx not the 32xxsd i redone the arcnet test closing Noritsu programm and got the screen test attached . I have tried to blow away the dust from the sockets of the arcnet, but i did not trim any cables as stated above , is there a way to clean the fiber tip.


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Hello. Where are you from ? Try to make ARCNET test step by step. Disconnect all ARCNET cables from switch control PCB except ARCNET cables from computer. Then try to run ARCNET diagnostic ( select QSS32xxSD ) . In this case you shouldn't have PC-Laser interface PCB , PC-scanner interface PCB and  switch control PCB errors ( of course all other will have, because will be temporary disconnected ) . If you have errors on these three boards - then you will have some problem with communication between them. If you will not have errors related with  these three boards - then you have some problem with some other board. If you have not ARCNET fiber cutter can use some sharp blades, instead it. Have cut fiber end at 90° angle.

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