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Qss2901 Arcnet Failure Or Processor Control Pcb Defective


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Hello Everyone,

We are having problems installing k001 software after the HDD was formated due to a virus infection. The software does not install the processor ("without option"), image processing pcb, printer 1 and 2 ("abnormal termination") etc. I have tested the PCI-LVDS board J390343 on a QSS3011 and it is ok. Half of the machine does not have power because the program timer output from U5D (EPF10K10Q) on the processor control pcb J390532 is zero volts even when the force start jumper is inserted. As a result, +24-3 is absent because relay X11 is off. I bypassed the collector of the relay driver U8F to ground to switch the relay on, some circuits got power but this did not solve the problem. Testing by substitution is not an option because this is the only QSS2901 in the country where I live.

Is there a method to check the data on fiber optic cables apart from verifying that they produce red light ?.

Any help would be appreciated


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