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Probleme Avec La 1550


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salut a tout le monde

et merci neil

pour bien m'exprimer ,j'ai ce probleme,,,pouvez vous me dire c koi ce trait,,je dois étalonner pas mal de fois,,,pour kil disparaisse,,,

please c urgent et merci infiniment

The approximate translation is:

hi to everyone

and thank you neil

to express myself well, I have this problem,,, can you tell me how this trait, I must calibrate lot of time, to kill disappears,,,

please this is urgent and thank you very much

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redha290 - plus d'effort de s'exprimer en anglais a la prochain fois STP. Si tu comprends pas les phrases si dessous, envoi moi message en priv, je vais t'explaier en FR.

1. Check if your LC works with 1.3 or 1.1k resistor already - if not - switch it on.

2. if yes - change resistor to 910 or 880 ohms. and perform full machine optical calibration since all optical settings will shift to blue.

3. YOU have approximately 6-12 months at least to find and buy another LCD since problem will be back. Yuor old LCD could be revived by specialised workshop and could serve you as spare. Service cost approximately the same as for used LCD.

if problem is fresh - you can switch machine off for 5 minutes then switch it on and do the pictures immediately . there is a possibility that few prints you will reach to do without this stripe.

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