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Paper Jam

kamal pasha

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Dear All,

We are in a problem with our dks1710 as below:-

Paper always stacks at introduction area in the module & practically found that the

introduction motor(upper motor of the module) does not rotate,only vibrates during

introduce the paper into the tank.

The same problem occurred some days ago,then i plugged & unplugged the cable of the

transport motor of the module & then it became ok. But yesterday the same problem started

but by no means getting the solution .

Therefore seeking your urgent help.

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this is typical behaviour when step motor is loosing contact on one of the pins - or one of the wiring is going down.

a. Check and correct the motor connector - could require pins cleaning. Contact spray could be helpful.

b. check if load resistors are properly connected. Somewhere you have to find big radiator with lot of power resistors - 2 of them for each motor - find the right one following description on the cables and check connections.

the worst case if motor is broken you will have to replace it - they are not possible to repair.

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Man - from the pictures it is really hard to say is there sth wrong with them... Smaller connector is Molex type - Seems to be OK - 2 pins in one row seem to be missing but this is rather intentional - or, in contrary - 2 female contacts went out the housing.

on the Hirose connector ( bigger one with metal fixing) - check if there are all contacts ok - noone is laying deeper than his own brothers, nothing is bent or broken.

take better pictures of the both connectors - from front side as well as from cables side the bottom one.

make a good closeup and don't stress too much other connectors.

Molex part is possible to repair - Hirose socket unfortunately not.

Are you sure this cable is faulty ....could be really the stepmotor...

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