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Fp363 N2 Turns To Mud After 30 Days


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Hi, I have been doing maintenance on Fuji processors for 5 years now, and Im having an issue with an FP363 film processor. I work on about 40 of these, and only this one has this issue. After about a month, the bleach turns to mud. I have checked the aeration, circulation, temperature, and I am completely at a loss. Its like the mutant fungus from space that wont go away. Does anybody know of a cleaning solution that would be safe to use, and hopefully kill whatever goo this is that keeps coming back. Thanks, Eoughphily

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I'd be surprised if anything, mutant or otherwise, could live in C41 bleach!

Lets go to basics!

Is it the right bleach? Are the rep rates set correctly? Has the output been measured and entered to calibrate the pumps? Is the aerator working - is it giving just a little froth to show that it is OK? Is it using the correct starter?

Is the recirc pump ok under load? Can you see the solution moving in the tank? Are the filters OK?

Is there any residual solution left when you mix which could contaminate?


Can't think of much more!

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I now have two machines doing the same thing. I am using CN16 N2 startup from fuji. I have checked that replenishment system is working and outputting correctly. I have checked the aeration by pulling the hose off and feeling for air output. The aerator was replaced just in case. I can visually see the chems cirulating. Filters are being changed almost daily in this particular tank. After dumping, I fill the tank with water without the rack and let it run for about 20 minutes, then I dump and repeat a second time. I dissasemble the rack piece by piece and clean all the goo out of every nook and cranny. However, after doing all this, there is still some goo left in areas of the tank I cannot get to, like the crevice where the filter sits. I do this about once a month, started about 9 months ago.

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Sounds like slow feed contamination to me, if you have done as you said in the tanks. Is there a possibility of some N3 in the N2 rep tank? I would give it a clean out just to eliminate it from your enquiries. If the problem shows up after a month, maybe you are repping the problem into the tank? Look for telltale N3 white marks around N2 main tank, rack, cross over and Rep tank.

I have used a Cleaning spray D**tol Mould and Mildew remover on all tanks and racks EXCEPT FOR DEV TANK. Spray and come back after 30 minutes, rinse with soapy water and flush with fresh water, good as new then. That Det**l Mould and Mildew remover would remove Original Sin!

I have a little jet spray washer, its a home car wash unit, small and portable, I use it on the tanks and racks for cleaning, very useful indeed, just took me a few goes to figure out how to not wet the whole area, but so very effective.

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