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If you haven’t printed on the machine for over 10 minutes the green & blue laser will switch off to prolong the laser life.

When you resume printing the laser has to stabilise, the time given is 10-30 seconds depending upon the software version. Sometimes this stabilization time is not enough and the first few prints come out a slightly different colour. On normal colour prints you would not notice it but on B/W you will.

If this problem is only happening after a period of non printing I would say there is probably no problem with the machine, it’s just the laser stabilizing.

If this problem is happening in the middle of a print run, then the cause could be the blue AOM driver. Your problem could also be caused by bad connections for the cables going to the laser unit.

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@dave s : how long is "periode of non printing" like you said before ?

If you don't print for over 10 minutes, the laser will switch off.

It's difficult to see from your attached print the pattern you are talking about.

If you can scan in the problem print rather than photographing it, it will be easier to see the issue you are having.

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It always happened after about 15 min no print, only the first pic same place same pattern. Plz help me, Noritsu Tech in Indonesia won't help because i 'm not use their paper and chem (even i bought this machine brand new from them

If the pic not shown plz use this link img837.imageshack.us/img837/8232/97702866.jpg

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I can see a little bit better with that picture link!

ok so the problem appears to be banding rather than a colour change issue.

It’s best if you print a plain grey print at different print lengths and on different paper widths to narrow down the cause.

Measure the distance of the banding from the leading and trailing edge of the print and refer to the banding trouble shooting section in the service manual. This will tell you at which point the banding is happening.

To me the problem looks like a mechanical problem rather than a laser related problem.

Possibly the print is hitting on the black reverse guide arm. Check this arm is opening properly; it has a tendency to crack and cause the arm to not open properly on one side. If this is the cause the problem will me much worse on 8” paper compared to 4” paper.

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