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Kodak G3 New Hardware Version 2.0 Working


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My G3 is running an Intel DH67GD m-ATX board (bigger boards won't fit), an i5-2300 CPU, 4Gb ram, Western Digital Velociraptor 150Gb hard drive (well worth using as it's really fast compared to most hard drives), Pioneer DVD drive. Depending on the year of G3, some modifications to the chassis may be needed to clear cables, power supply etc.

This is not a quick and simple conversion, you need to have some engineering / computer building skills, and know your way around windows XP and installing drivers / solving problems.

On V5 disc 1 there is a ghost image that needs to be installed to the hard drive. Drivers need to be installed (nnewdev.dll needs to be renamed to newdev.dll), use taskmanager to get into the system. Then install application software and hopefully you'll be good to go.

I still have a few problems to sort, the serial receipt printer won't work, so am looking at trying to get a USB one to work somehow.

The second problem is the USB port has configured itself, and I cannot change it as the option is missing from my install. There may still be other problems too.

Good luck.

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