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Why Should I Buy Dks3


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Few opinions from the people I know ...

I heard that 3rd generation due to the LED light souce is producing "flat" colours. With the halogen light DKS 2 had better coulur density and pictures were more dense ,"deep" in colour and were warmer.

DKS 3 is less complicated than 2nd generation, less subbassemblies can fail :) but is much more problematic in calibration since piezo unit can multiply pixels by 16.

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Yes ! let's go dry with low margins and let the pros work on descent silverhalyde with huge margins since silverhalyde is already considered as a ''vintage product'' on the internet big players. So as any 'niche' market, margins will be massive but only for the photographics ''technicians'' that understood a while ago that D&P is dying while the ''shoot and print'' is booming ;-)

On my opinion, a wet minilab without a photographic studio is a non-sense in the current times !

About the DKS3 (as for most minilabs), the print quality depends mainly of the set chemistry/paper you are using and the ability of the local engineer to set and fix the machine properly (light source is not concerned at all) : so my minilab's brand choice would be more about the local engineer network and consumables retailers.

My personnal choice: DKS 1710 running with champion or tetenal chemistry with fuji DP paper (or Kodak endura, but hate their rendering for the yellows) gives quite deep flashy pictures with proper blacks and detailed highlights...

of course there's a cost...and I won't sell a 6x4 under 50p but my customers know what they're buying ;-)

cheap fast food restaurant or expensive three stars restaurant, the choice is yours !

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