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Dks 1710 Problem


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adjust the upper paperfeeder rolls, when you now it, it is easy to do. 2 weeks ago i dit it, for the second time in 4 years.

the motor takes a copple of times to take the paper or do not take paper.

how do i explain what to do.

take out the paperfeeder, put it on the tabel. take of the wheel.

screew 3 or 4 srews from the top of the feeder.

there are 2 rubber rolls they has to hold the paper in the feeder

on the left and right there are adjung screws.

before losing the srew put a 20x30cm paper in it.

losing the screws and the upper rol wil give more presure on the paper.

try this, this should be the problem

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are they 10 x 14 cm now? than you can adjust the lenght in the program

when the paper feeder is not taking the paper correctly or the paper is slipping under the rolls, the length before was not always the same.

now every pic schould be exactly the same lenght.

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If this screws which holds the spring are tight (as manual suggest) then there is a big problem adjusting it properly and even bigger problem over the time.

There is a better way off adjusting this rollers, actually it is better to leave this spring free, and not to tight the screws as suggested by the technical manual.

If screw are loosed (do not unscrew them completely, just to be loose so the springs are fully active), then this springs are giving the even tension even if the rollers are dirty or old.

I done this on one DKS3 machine as it was more logical to me, and when we had show with DKS4 presentation the KIS technician from the factory was also there and when I told him about this problem and my solution for it, he told me that they also came to the same conclusion ;)

Off course after that, there is a need for the feeder print length readjusting :D

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