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Paper Cutter Problem


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That gets you printing but does not solve your problem. Sometimes an ill fitting Back printer ribbon can delay the paper going trough or set the paper at an slight angle, not a problem until reaching the cutter section. Jams in the cutter are usually as a result of something physical. It could be a bit of stray paper or the guides on one paper size or other being open too much or too little. Fuji usually mark on the machine inside the doors (somewhere) what the offset values for the with guides are for the various parts of the machine. Sometimes it is just a little sticker on the individual machine part with something like +0.3 written on it. This is the value to key in trough your scanner.Try putting the back printer ribbon back and test print with the door open to see the paper travel trough. You will have to jam a folded piece of paper or a pen in the door sensors and sacrifice some paper to light fogging. If nothing obvious shows, try making a movie with a camera or phone, it will give you a more close up view of what is going on. 

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