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Dirty Patch In Every Other 6" And Every 12" Print (Qss 3702)


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Our Noritsu 3702 leaves a stain in every other 6" print (and every 12"). Patch is always in the same place, leading edge of the paper, (lower left corner of the print) and similar in size.

Where does this stain come from? We have tried cleaning the turning racks, dryer etc. I did search the forum, most of the stains aren't as uniform as this. So there might be single fault roller?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

http://imgur.com/L1EyF Here's link to scanned 6" print

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There is always only one spot in the print. And in exactly same place. I test printed some 12" by 18" and 12" by 12" images today.

Sometimes I just use eraser and it will be gone (and doesn't leave too many smudges in lustre paper). But for one hundred 6"x6" Christmas cards, that's lots of erasing..

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If you do as Kodak_service suggested and measure the distance between the spots on a 12x18 size print (assuming the spots repeat themselves along the length of the print) then divide the measured value by 3 this will give you the diameter of the roller that is making the mark.

At a guess I would say it is one of the crossover rollers causing your issue.

If you when you rub your fingers along the rubber rollers on crossovers 4-6 you get a black/ brown substance coming off then this will Algae.

If you have an Algae problem you will have to kill it by soaking the problem crossovers in a diluted solution of household bleach overnight. This will kill off the Algae and stop it growing back again.

You may need to do the same with the STB racks and tanks too.

Make sure you thoroughly rinse the crossovers/ racks with fresh water afterwards to clean all the bleach off.

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Just a guess, but what about from the arm that lifts the paper to the exposure advance unit ?

Clues: leading edge of paper; same location on 12", and every other 6";

Question: Which side of the dryer exit does the 6" (or 12") paper has the mark on the paper ? That should help nail down which arm could be marking the paper.

Since I've never worked on those parts, I'm not familiar with how the arm "grabs" onto the paper to lift it into position and maybe it has a rubber "grip" that may be deteriorating (or dirty) and marking the paper when the exposure advance unit pulls/receives the paper to be exposed.

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