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Trouble With 20X30 And 15X20Cm Prints


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Have jumped in to help the owner of a 3001 like I've done a few times before when he really tried to kill his machinery :)

Print at the side the photo is the problem.

If you have any clue where to start adjusting I'd like very much to hear your opinion :)

Thanks in advance for your input.


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Some more pictures to enlighten the trouble-space that exist.


These "errors" has come at a later point.


Your comments is very welcome.


Not having taken the deeper tour with the exposure advance section before, could you guys enlighten me on the holy grail of this :)


Have been studying 2581/2582 in the service manual, but still feeling a little noobish here.


As you can see from the test-prints it's a periodic error (first print is an example of that), so feeling a bit stupid about where to start looking for a solution.



Thanks for any advice in advance


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I would say the Red AOM driver is causing this issue. They are located underneath the PC unit, they look like tin boxes! Try swapping the Red and Blue AOM drivers around with each other, if you now get blue bands instead of red this will confirm the AOM driver is faulty.

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;-) Dave not that noob'ish ..... but anyone understand you description ... even I ;-)


checked up on the focal plane .... looks fine and it got "rubbed"/cleaned and dryed as I had it out anyhow :)




We swapped red/green/blue AOM wires ..... same result with all (made the same photo's attached)


And just to check/bounce our heads to the same wall in different places:


6082 +

- 213

- 515

- 113

- 713


How do we get things inside of the adjustable range ?


Can it be that there's something "loose" inside the exposure unit which affect things?

So our best bet would be taking it out and have a closer look to see if something is wrong !?




At the moment we're trying to lure the oldie (3001) with some old backup data to see if it'll play along



Keep comments comming ..... I strive on them :)




Now this sentence from above is leaving me to wonder/think a bit:


Check the plate that the laser glass cleaning brush is attached to is not bent causing it to obstruct the laser beam.



The plate you have to remove to get the brush out or the plate inside the exposure unit ?



I suspect inside, meaning .... we should take out the exposure unit to see if something looks/feels wrong :) ?






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The first prints you attached with the white edges look like something is blocking/ masking the exposure path to the print, that is why I suggested checking the metal casing that the cleaning brush is attched to is not bent etc causing it to block the path of the laser beam.


The second sample is a completly different problem, to me it looks like a faulty Red AOM driver.


Maybe you can explain a bit more, as from looking at those sample prints the problems don't appear to be related.

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My thoughts was that they were related in the sense that the problem is in the exposure unit.


As you can see I don't have the cyclic bands anymore.



Making a new thread now doesn't make much sense as I've already "polluted" this one and we just keep the mess in one place :)


For the pink look that is on the group of photo's is consistent in all combinations of changing the aom connectors on the PCB.


So I don't fully understand why "kodak_service" points directly towards the AOM drivers.



I'm just going by this from a logical point of view.


If one of the aom-drivers is faulty I should have had 3 sets of 5 photo's that looked different ( for switching  P131 /P129, P130/P129 and P131/130). I have 3 sets looking exactly like each other.


At times the qss 3001  can push 50,100,150 4x6" at will, before it turns funny (more pink)



Lets start the discussion or my process of understanding this from here :)



As the output is similar in all 3 variations of the aom-connectors (on the laser I/O PCB J390641). From descriptions of this PCB this might very well be source of trouble (quote: Adjustment of R laser temperature).

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Swapping J/P129, 130 & 131 will not have any effect as these connections just supply the power to the AOM drivers.

You cannot just randomly swap things around in the hope of finding the problem!

Things have to be done in a logicial sequence otherwise it just creates other problems and you just end up chasing your tail.


What I reccommend you do is put all the connections back to there correct place, mark each AOM driver so you know which colour it is connected to.

Then physically remove the red AOM driver from the machine, noting where each connector went. The BNC connections must go to the correct input/ output position on the AOM driver.


Now remove the blue AOM driver also noting down the connections.

Fit the exsisting red AOM driver to the blue position, and fit the exsisting blue AOM driver to the red position.


Now do the daily setup, and make prints and monitor the result.

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By substring -0002 I'm guessing you are referring to the 6073 error?

If you are, the sub numbers for the problem are
0001 Red
0002 Green
0003 Blue

So if you are now getting 6073- 0002 the AOM driver that is currently in the green position will be faulty.

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It looks to me like something is blocking the path of the laser beam.

Check the plate that the laser glass cleaning brush is attached to is not bent causing it to obstruct the laser beam.

Check also that the focal plane guide is fitted properly.

Yup doing that fixed the issue ..... (sorry for the late follow-up on this)

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