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3501I Two Problems And No Idea


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I have ttwo problems with a Noritsu 3501i, I will appreciate any help

1) Lines of different density along the paper (img326)


2) Variation of colour towards the right and left edge of the paper (only in Kodak Endura Premier) img327 (I increased the saturation in order to make the problem more evident).

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Johncord,

Yes, it is. After many trial and error I've found that "Magazine registration" works OK, the problem comes up when I make the paper calibration. Since I use Endura only for 5x7, I've "patched" the situation making the magazine registration only because in this way you can avoid the lines and the colour change.

I know this is not the best option, but so far, it's working.

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Have you set up the Endura as a new 2nd paper type? what are your other papers used?

Run a paper specification set up on the Endura . Daily set up and uniformity have to be done on all paper types used

Any paper or surface must have magazine registration done and be showing an OK in the box. If not any emulsion number change will not have an aim.

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Hi magenta,

These are the order that Noritsu offers:

1) Magazine registration / Setup I could do this without problem. This is the print with the gray bars.

2) Paper specification registration /Setup This is the small print that looks like a daily setup one and this is the impossible step.


If I make it "telling" the Noritsu it is a Generation Paper, in the first run it works fine and make the right correction, but as it is far from normal, it needs a second run and there it always says something like "Out of limit error".


If I make it telling the 3501i that it is an Endura paper (not Endura Premier because it is not in my version) I get the colour variation from the centre towards the edged of the paper. There is no error message but even when, the 3501i says it is OK, in reality you cannot sell a print that has lines and good colour only at the centre of it.


Later I have found an error in our paper scanner. It cuts part of the scanned image. I will change it by an Epson V500 tomorrow if I find the right drivers. During normal working days, I cannot do this, but we have two extremely long weekends, now until Dec 25 and next from Dec 30 to Jan 2, so I am going to try again just to discard the scanner as the origin of this problem.


Sorry for not replying before but I wanted to have the exact names of each step for you.


Best wishes and a Merry Christmas!



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