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Help. E-2673 Opening Of Replenisher Cartridge Failed (Fuji Frontier 340)


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I need urgent help please.

While printing normally, my machine asked me to insert a cartridge (chemicals). I did so and the chemicals started to empty out (i'm not sure if mixing was done).

a few seconds later I received the error message;

"E-2673 Opening of Replenisher Cartridge Failed. Consult your technical representative"

That message is followed by the error message

"W-2680 Number of Prints Exceeds Limit"

And I cannot print anymore. I tried emptying out the tanks and putting another cartridge in but the same thing happened. Now I'm stranded and I can't print at all. I've restarted several times as well.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I had this problem once. It was a buildup of hardened fixer in the mechanism under the cartridge (the sliding piece the cartridge sits on). The fixer was preventing the cartridge from being squeezed enough to puncture and drain. Take the covers off and clean out as much of the hardened white stuff as you can, then flush with a small amount of hot water. After you may need to drain the replenisher mixing tanks if the cartridge was partially opened. After all that , put in a new cartridge and let it mix.

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If you do an input check on your rep tanks and they show up full. Restart the system, part of the start up procedure is to check the rep tanks and if full, they will register as full and you can go ahead and print for now. A last resort would be to try a reinstallation (with your printer back up floppies Printer back up FD and Scanner Backup FD) This should get you printing at least, until you can sort the problem.

Did the chemical mix? Did you hear the water bend added? You would know as the mix uses about 8L so you would have been asked for more.

Inside the rep tanks, there are float switches, if one got stuck, it would give a false reading and the 340 stops printing until the rep tanks are satisfied.

You would need to look at your rep tanks and physically see if they are full. the cleaning of the nozzles as previously mentioned above is  good periodic preventative maintenance. I have found that the Fuji chemical packs hold 3 bottles 1. Dev 2. Bleach part A 3. Bleach part B Some non Fuji Chemical packs have 3 bottles but the two bleach bottles are mixed already and goes against what the machine expects. therefore, there is more "Caking" or chemical residue in and around the nozzles. A trick for that is to give a quick clean around the nozzles area with the squeeze bottle of water, slowly and not too much but it really does help.

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