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Kodak Chemistry


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I currently run a ECO D lab (based on a 1501) on Kodak chemistry but here in New Zealand we are having problems with the supply of some kodak products,mainly chemistry and film.

I currently use Kodak royal paper and kodak edge paper,can i use another brand of

chemistry and if so what changes would i need to make.

The chemistry is RA-4.


Thanks Richard 

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We've switched from all Kodak to all Fuji, to now a combination of Champion and Fuji.


When we made the switch, we talked to the Fuji chemistry guys, and they made the product recommendations, and also let us know there was nothing special we had to do. ie: replenish into the replenishment tanks on-top of the Kodak chemistry.  Didn't have to empty the rep tanks and clean or anything.  We had no issues


Then when we changed from Fuji CD to Champion CD, the Champion chemistry guys said the same thing.  Just replenish on-top of the Fuji stuff, and that we'd have no issues.


We had no issues, no problems, no nothing, other than cheaper chemistry, and same image quality.

Would do it again, but sooner.  I took too long to make the initial switch.


Just email both Fuji & Champion and ask which products they would recommend for your machine, and if there's anything special you have to do before the first "fill-up" with their chems.

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