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1912 Pmd Part Location????


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I know longer have any manuals for a QSS-1912. They disappeared along with Titanic!


I do know that PMM-BD-5701 is used on the magazine loading section A & B on a QSS-2301 and on the QSS-2701/2711 too. The part number is I043033-00


It may also be used in the same place on the QSS-1912.

Hope that helps

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My TOTAL bad I posted the wrong PMM number. The number Im looking for from a 1912 is actually PMM-BD 4505-1   I assume its for the paper pay out or moving the mask border blades. But since I have never seen one (1912) Thats just a guess. And those are also found on the MP-1600 that control the loading arms. But I need to advise someone WHERE to look for them in a heap of 1912. :/

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The last time I saw a 1912 was about 18 years ago so I can't remember either! It’s similar in design to a 2301.


On the 2301 most of the PM drivers were behind a black panel on the left hand side of the exposure deck. The rest of the circuit boards are in the front underneath where you would sit to print. I’m guessing the locations will be the same on the 1912.


I know the 2301 has quite a few PMM-BD-4505-1 PM drivers, used for the paper mask plates and the belt driven paper advance units.

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Yes the 1912 used the same design of paper deck. On the 1912 it was 11 inches wide as opposed to 12 inches on the 2301.


When the 1912 came out everybody was disappointed it could only use a maximum width paper of 11" which was a silly Noritsu mistake in my opinion. Then the 2301 was born to correct this mistake!

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Hi Retired,

do you need this motor  driver? or do you want to know where it is?

if it like that, it's place is just under zoom , open the left door and look left side  of printer.

Best wishes and happy new year to all

Sait Terekli


my mail is: saitterekli@hotmail.com

if you want more info mail to me.

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New flash and update to this thread. A 1912 has 2) 5701s and 3) 4505-1s and they are all located on the back left corner of the printer deck. Remove the left side panel (opposite access door) and they are mounted to a plate bolted to the back panel. the PMMs face inside the machine so the are a bitch to remove unless you unbolt the panel first. 

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I thought the 1912 was a 10" machine, it was a great machine for its time!

Yes you are correct it was a 10" machine (my mistake thinking it was a 11" one!) It was a great machine for it's time. I just feel Noritsu did not do its market research to realize a 12" machine is what most of the markets outside of Japan actually wanted.

If it had been a 12" machine it would have been a killer of a machine at the time!

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