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Left Paper Magazine


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Hi guys!


For some really funny unknown reason to me, the left paper magazine will load when the machine starts ups but once you print something that uses that paper size either one of two things happen:


1.  Paper doesn't load. This means that normally, like with the right side magazine, you hear it forwarding the paper, rewinding paper etc. This doesn't happen.


2. It will print the first print but then it will forward the paper for the second print and kinda get "stuck". It seems that it's not feeding properly.


What I do note with both the above scenarios is if you go behind the machine and look at the three silver wheels that have a band around them, those don't move at all when the machine is trying to load the paper. Obviously you can only see these when you have removed the cover off of the back of the film processor.


What could be the issue with this? As I said, when the machine initially starts up, it will load the paper perfectly fine but you cannot change the magazine out or it won't reload again.

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