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Qss-2611 Scanner Data


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Greetings All!


It is the old guy with the old lab again, hoping that those who read this will come blasting through with information that will rescue me from my lack of information, as always!


I am wanting to learn how to copy the scanner data used in making the index prints to an external storage media, be it PC, CD, or even a Ct-1 or the like.  I do have a SCSI cable exiting the machine that I believe was used for a DDP760, but am not positive. Does anyone out there know what I need to do this, or perhaps even add a USB or Ethernet port to the machine?  My reasoning is to be able to send low resolution images to customers before printing their orders, hoping for more enlargement orders and reprints, of course!


Second...and this issue may be simpler to address.  How do I connect a digital or analog external monitor to this machine?  I do have spare cables that I can use to make a new cable as needed, and may well have some spares in Harting plugs. I want to add a bigger screen LCD monitor.


As always, MANY THANKS for the expert advise!




Willow Photo Lab

Willow Springs, MO USA



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The only way of getting data from the scanner is to save it to the floppy disk drive. In the form setting you change the output to floppy.

You can get USB floppy emulating drives to save to a USB stick instead, but the write speed is still just as slow as a floppy disk, and you are still limited to 1.44MB.


The SCSI cable will either be an input (most likely) for printing from a PC to the VFP or it will be an output (less likely) for the DCP to make index prints. If your machine has a VFP it would be unusual to have an output for a DCP as well.


USB and RJ45 Ethernet had not been invented when this machine was manufactured! So you have no chance of using them.


And I’m afraid it’s more bad news with trying to add a different monitor, it does not use a standard 15pin VGA output instead it uses a DE-9 connector instead. I’m unsure what the pin configurations are. I think you would have difficulty trying to connect a modern monitor; also you will have no way of altering the resolution so it would look pretty poor stretched to a larger sized screen.


The 2611 is really an analogue printer with a very basic digital add on, that cannot be easily integrated into anything else.

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