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Error 6017-0004-Noritsu 3001


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Hello friends,
Here I have problems facing my 3001. I was working and suddenly there were paper Jam in a paper supply unit.
I have tried all paper size I use (i.e 102mm, 127mm, and 203mm) but I get the same error message number "6017-0004 Paper has jammed in the printer".
Trying to check I found that the print is properly cut and sent to paper supply unit which also pulls it to exposure unit but it seems the paper is not advancing to exposure unit, instead it remains in the supply unit.
Any good idea that I can use to fix the problem please will be much appreciated.

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Thanks so much for your respond.

I understand that way of taking out the jammed paper in exposure unit.

But to my case the paper is not entering the exposure unit. But the the arm in paper supply unit advances it up to the end where it is supposed to enter into exposure unit but no more action take place so that the paper doesn't enter the exposure unit. Hence it gives the paper jam error.

Any useful advice will be much appreciated. thanks again.

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Hi all.

I have the same error 6017-0004, the same type of minilab. Paper stops before  the roler it is driven by Exposure advance motor 1. Exposure advance motor 1&2 don't work in I/O check. All other sensors and motors are ok.

Please, can help me  someone  with wiring diagrams for QSS3001 and any good idea?


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No dia 24/12/2020 às 11h50, Raul anjos disse:

tenho um problema parecido porem e só na hora que mando fazer troca de emulsão o erro é 6017-0003. No restante funciona tudo mando 10 x 15, 15 x 21, 20 x 30 e etc.

Se alguém puder me ajudar fico muito agradecido.


I have a similar problem, but only when I send an emulsion exchange the error is 6017-0003. Everything else works 10 x 15, 15 x 21, 20 x 30 and so on.

If anyone can help me I am very gratefu

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ok guys i found the answer. In the paper carrier for the scanner, the mask has two sensors that read from the right and left sides. The part that enters the sensor on the left was broken a small piece. Making the arm go as deep as possible. Then the test comes out slightly aside. And stopped at the scanner entrance.
Thank you for your attention. Happy New Year.

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