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Dks 3 Imagus Scanner Problem


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Hello, i have all time the same problem with scanner IM1500. There is a comunicate : if there is no film in a carrire please change the lamp. So i changed lamp, i rise the voltage do 22000 mv, and the problem still are in the scanner. One time at 20-40 attemps scanner take the negative.

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It could be a problem with burn out filters, but they not exist as spare parts, only as repair option when sent to KIS (filter modul) and the price was if I remember 400€ :(

But first try to change the lamp socket and if that did not solve the problem, try to raise the voltage little bit more, but just as a test, if that is OK, then you could have a problem with filters (one after the lamp or one or more in the filter holder, probably one which is used for calibration, other are for positivo or negativ scanning)

Also try to scan negative with setting for scanning positive film (the positive scanning needs less light), and if that is OK, then it is filter problem for sure ;)

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