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Qss-1912 Floppy Disk Drive


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The actual drive is a "seen one, seen them all" type as used by the millions in PCs.  Easily found, and cheap even when new.  Last one I bought cost me $10US new.  I'm not familiar with that machine enough to know if the cable is a common PC one or not on the board end, at least.

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David, I've got lots of old PC floppy drive cables if you want some.


On our 2901, the OEM "Noritsu" floppy drive went bad, so we replaced with a standard drive from an old PC, but, the OEM Noritsu cable connector had the "notch" inverted from that of a regular connector.  We cut the notch off the OEM Noritsu cable so it would fit a standard floppy drive correctly (red strip closest to power connector) and haven't had any problems.


Bad news is that regular old floppy drives are getting quite hard to find and are now expensive to replace.  I still like the old Teac brand with the yellow sticker, but good luck finding any of those !

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