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Fuji A1 Software / Windows 2000


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Does anyone know if later versions of the A1 software ver 6.6 or ver7.7  for the Frontier 350 / sp2000

works ok with windows 2000, the toshiba 5500ff pc is failing and wiil need replacing, hopefully with something a bit newer like P4 based, NT4 support for anything newer than toshiba 5500ff era is thin. I think the software would work in Windows 2000  NT4 compatibilty mode, a 2000/XP driver is available for the scsi card, the problem might be getting the timer card to work, Any advice here would be appreciated.

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I replaced a 5500, nightmare!

The hard drives are SCSI drives and the BIOS is very, very unique.

I had to get CD's off Toshiba to make it work and I have the restore disc.

I would go the route of using the restore disc, reinstalling the software with your back up floppies for scanner and printer, this is a recommended fix for a sluggish scanner. If you put in a "faster" PC as a control unit, it will not be any faster as the 5500 is currently faster than my 390, the printer reaches capacity as the 5500 waits to feed it.  

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