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Dks1550 - Blank Prints - Can Anyone Help?


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Hi everybody,


This is my first post and hopefully my last ;-)


Ok, so i have had lots of problems with my printer but this one is the first one that is affecting my business to extent that i am having to turn away potential business due to the printer not functioning at all.


The prints go through the machine and through the chemicals and come out the other end with no image. There are no error messages or flashing lights to say anything is wrong.


I have looked at the troubleshooting section of the manual with nothing to say what could be the problem or how to solve it.


I have scoured the forum with nothing matching what I am experiencing, nothing at least with a solution.


I am loathed to contact the servicing dept as i just cant afford another hit like the last one.


If anyone has experienced this problem before and knows of a potential solution or can narrow down the problem so i know how much i am looking at paying to fix it then please let me know.



Caroline :)

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Question is too general. there could be a lot of problems related to fact taht machine is not exposing photos. 

1. bulb burned. (mentioned) 

2. bulb power supply (martek) - faulty

3. Photodiode on the center of the exposure deck faulty ( rare case)

4. LCD not powered. (black) 

5. Lenses barrel heavily off the position - so light can't get through (almost impossible but...) 


Really we are not able to help you unless you will give us much more indications. Moreover I don't know what is your potential regarding electrics and knowledge about the machine. so I dunno if it helps you for expample when i will tell "check if there is 24V on the output of the martek power supply at the righ side of the Electrical closet."

1. DO you know how to run machine without top covers ? 

2. Do you know where are the basic Subassemblies responsible for vital functions? 

3. and much more important - DO you have DKS2 manual to learn these things ? 


U need to have at least support of the person more experienced in electrics recognizing difference between current and tension and can deal with the multimeter. then our support could be effective. 

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Thank you for your response, here is my situation to give you an idea of my background and why I need to post my problem on a forum-

I have had my printing shop for 5 years. I am not an electrician or an engineer- if I was I would be earning a heck of a lot more money and would have either already fixed it myself by now, or had the money to pay someone else to do it! I cannot afford to get an engineer out, which is what I would have done in previous years but this last year has been a lot quieter as I'm sure it has been for most people on the high streets.


''U need to have at least support of the person more experienced in electrics recognizing difference between current and tension and can deal with the multimeter'' -I run this place on my own and I have no such luxuries, again, this is why I am posting on this forum..


I know that this may be some complex electrical issue that is way out of my league, but I also know that quite often with minilabs it can be something so simple and cheap to fix, that its always worth asking others if they have had the same problem before forking out for an engineer. There are many things that have gone wrong over the years on both my minilab and my old C-41 and 9 times out of ten I've been able to diagnose the problem and use my common sense and technical knowledge to fix it.


Specifics about the problem I have now-

Lab was running totally fine up until blank prints started coming out

LCD was replaced 1 year ago so unlikely to be a problem there and all connections to it seem fine (a faulty LCD usually results in lines accross prints)

All bulbs are working fine (first thing I checked)

Have had a good look round all PCB's and connecting ports, all fuses, diodes, etc and can't see anything out of the ordinary

Have found a blown diode on the PCB as mentioned by alper76, having that fixed today so hopefully that might solve it but I will let you know...fingers crossed...


All your help is greatly appreciated, I don't pretend to have the electrical knowledge required to fix every single thing that can potentially go wrong on a minilab as I am a photographer and a shop owner and thats quite enough! I do know electrical engineers who dont work on minilabs but at least I now know which direction to point them in so once again thank you for mentioning those points, I will have a look into those once this diode has been fixed.


Thanks again everyone!

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U even don't know how many boards you are not able to see in this machine :)

Pls note it is not unusual or luxury to know a friendly person who knows little bit more about electricity and don't have to be a minilab repairman. Really basics are needed to use the multimeter and then then we could easily drive you through problems. 

And asking for help on the forum is not a blame. we are here to hear and potentially we could help. 

keep us informed - and meantime answer following questions:


1. Are you familiar with SU (SuperUser) machine mode ?

2. Do you know for example how to set the flicker parameter - or how to check the image directly on on LCD with lens cover open? 

3. PLs confirm - when you start machine and the head is doing turns with characteristic noise - the main lamp starts burning ?

Questions 1,2 will help us writing you the answers in order U could deal with some actions, 3rd is a faultfinding one.

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