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Hello everyone, Happy New Year to you all. I am after some advice. We are looking to set up a VHS to DVD service in store (Especially now Jessops have gone from our town centre) however finding the right equipment to do this has proved to be difficult. I have tried Roxio's Easy VHS to DVD system which isn't consistent enough. Just wondering if any of you out there could recommend a better system/s?


Many thanks,


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We have one of these.  Really easy to go straight to DVD.  Don't know if it does PAL, but for us NTSC folks, it's super easy to get started and copied.  If they need more than one, we do straight DVD to DVD copies on the PC.  It's nice, but the DVD menu sucks on playback, but absolutely no complaints from customers yet.  They're just happy someone can do it.


We also have a USB video capture device that can input any video/audio and record to the hard drive as a video/audio stream that can later be burned to DVD.  Great if the customer already has a Hi8, MiniDV, recorder/player, etc.  We just do the easy stuff.


Oh, also ask Mr. Noritsu.  He does so much of this stuff it's not even funny.

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We run 5 Panasonic EZ48 and EZ49 units and they just keep going and going and going. Sure they need repair sometimes but the next 2 orders pay for the repair. 

We also have a stand alone VCR hooked into the back of one for VHS-C tapes and odd ball ones whee the Panasonics just won't play it.

I buy small TV's at boot sales for $5 each to use as monitors.

It is becoming the most profitable part of our business.

We also have a miniDv camera and Hi8/8mm camera hooked into them for doing camcorder tapes. We would average 500 tapes a month easy.

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We do loads of VHS, VHS-C, Hi-8, MiniDV etc to DVD. I also do cine at home in the evenings. 


This transfer work is the busiest service I offer. To some extent it saved my business!


I use an all in one vhs to DVD recorder, a Toshiba currently. You can connect camcorders etc to it. Look in your local free ad paper for old CRT tv's to use as a monitor. Also pick up vcr's for next to nothing- always handy as a back up.

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Dave, Some of them create the menu for you, but they are very boring.... blue or white text on a black background, creating "chapters" every "X" minutes.  You have the option of importing the VOB from the resulting DVD onto your PC and then creating a pretty Menu, but it's a lot of extra work.


There are other "video capture" devices to download video direct to PC from your VHS/camcorder, etc.

We use an older version of this: http://www.pinnaclesys.com/PublicSite/us/Products/Consumer+Products/Dazzle/Dazzle+Video+Archiving/Dazzle+DVD+Recorder+Plus.htm



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