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Fuji Sp 500 Film Scanner


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Hello This error can be at the time of starting up, DC offset or AD timing adjustment. Causes of the error message :

1. Poorly connected serial cable connector between CTL25 and CCD 25 circuit boards

2. Faulty CTL25 circuit board

3. Faulty CCD25 circuit board

4. Some power supply missing on these boards

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Thanks for your advise.

I did notice that there is a small pcb on top of the CCD unit which does not seem to light up or flash any LED's when running.

Could this maybe be my problem, if so is it a power supply issue or CCD pcb. If its the pcb can it be changed or does the whole CCD camera assembly need to be changed ???

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On 2/29/2016 at 9:37 AM, Minilab service said:

File output depends on size ( max 8 x 12 , A4 ) and output pixels ( max 64Base, 4096 × 6144 pixels) .

SP-500 CCD can scan 3200 pixels, but it can be moved with pixel shifting up to four times. As result you can get up to 12800 pixels.

All that can find in MS11 for SP-500 .pdf files.

Has anyone actually been able to get true 64 base output at 4096 x 6144?   I've modified the registry to allow 347 x Length 520 print size which gives 4098 x 6141 pixels.   However, this resolution is interpolated.  It is not true.    Can you share the expert in the manual that shows how to accomplish this?

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