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Get Wither Whites Dks1510


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In the latest times I see that my white is not as white as, for example

4 years ago.


I've tried everything: I changed the sticker in the densito, the lamp,

the chemicals, a new densito card to adjust...


I've always used Kodak Edge Plus (from 7 years) with good results.


Is it possible that Kodak paper now is different from several years



Anybody knows a tip to force my DKS 1510 to make whiter white,

manually modifying any ini file?


Thanks in advance.



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the photographic emulsion (the silver halyde layer) is regularly modified by the different manufacturers; so you should try to process another brand of paper in your lab and check the results to confirm if it's the emulsion or the lab that affects the white.


From my experience,with a properly replenished chemistry, fuji gives better whites and kodak better black on the DKS 15 series, but if you want to stay with kodak and look for some ini file to modify, it could only be with a new paper response as the kodak emulsion has probably changed.

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Thank you, Bubar.


I know Fuji gives me better whites, but, at this moment, I prefer keep using Kodak.


I agree with you with the paper response for the actual paper emulsion but I only

have the ones that came with my machine 7 years ago.


Do you (or anybody else) have an updated paper response for Kodak Edge plus?

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Photo chain ==> Paper Respomce


You need a external denitometer. If you have a 16XX or 17XX the machine has a external densitometer and the machine has sofware to make the paper responce


on my 15xx I used a external densitometer and plugged in all the numbers. You can you the external Barbiere densitomter with some dowlonaded software from KIS fot the 15XX also

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