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Windows Control Panel


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Sorry I'm not familiar with Kodak foto kiosks. They are not popular in my area. The most we have Fuji, Noritsu, River. Maybe try get to control panel from safe mode or go there before Kodak software startup. Of course before experiments would be recommended to make hard disc image file ( if something be wrong ) .

What are you going to change in control panel ? Some functions can be changed from DOS or alternative system running from Hiren's boot CD. 

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to get into windows control panel you press Ctrl + Alt + Delete the it will ask for a password then tip in 258789 and click on task manager then new task and then C:\Windows\explorer.exe and windows explorer will open and you can get in to the control panel.


it works for me 

my kodak kiosk is on V6.1


kind regards


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I have a G4 with software V6 and the problem is simple.

Just plug any multimedia keyboard; then you launch for example Internet Explorer, then in the addrees bar type C: (Internet Explorer Works just like Windows explorer). Navigate throught the Windows directory and run control.exe.

In some cases you can enter the start menu, if so, just go to Run and type control.exe.

BTW if you are trying to add a piece of hardware that the kiosk doesn't support, this is not very useful: Wildows will recognise it but KPK will not.

Best wishes!

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