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Very Strange Problem On 370


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Hi all,

           i am getting some strange problem on my Frontier 370. In output check my sorter works fine. even if i run it with the switch it also runs perfectly. But when the prints come out from the dryer section, sorter moves a very little and give the message E-2604 (sorter malfunction). When printing is running if i disconnect and reconnect the sorter connector behind the dryer section  the processor stops but the printer section runs normally. As the prints can not enter to the processor it gives the message of paper jam.

          One more problem is that in the morning when i turn on the LP200 it does not give any message. If i turn off and turn on the machine several times it does not give any message but when i turn on my FMPC computer and the printer starts to initialize it gives the message E-2528  B-laser(B-SHG) is about to its lifetime. No problem for the moment, but consult technical representative.

   Please help me. Where the problems are - please guide me. Thanks in advance.

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It can be a few things...

Possibly a bit of paper or paper dust confusing a sensor.

A lazy punch hole ( the hole not being made properly).

Guides in your drier out of place, presenting the paper to the cutter at an angle.

I would  do a visual check on the width guides, to make sure the paper is not being pinched or loose between the guides.

It can also be your drier temp? Make sure drier air exit filters are not clogged.

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On the Laser, before thinking of replacing it (it is quite expensive) try to eliminate all the other problems first! It may be a problem of the printer not getting enough power? It is possible that the AOM would behave in this way with a sudden dip in power locally.

It is possible that you are at the limit of your power usage in your store. When the printer works up, between the drier, motor heaters etc., quite a bit of power is used.Check the load of the machines against what power rating is available in your building an electrician would advise you.

I would check that the printer and scanner are set in the proper tapping. (If you have 220V coming in to the machine, you must be tapped at 220V, adjust accordingly) Again, any electrician can check this for you.

The Frontier machines need to be earthed well, it would be no harm to check that the AOM's are earthed properly.

If an AOM starts to deteriorate, you will notice that an odd print here and there is missing a colour (a blue print or a green print for example) When this happens, the AOM will fail in the near future.

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Thank you Paudiek for your valuable inputs. Agreed with you to and checked all the way you suggest. But i cant understand why the 2528 message shows only when i turn on the FMPC computer. If it is a laser problem the message should appear when i turn on the LP2000. But as i told that in the morning if i turn on and turn off the LP2000 several times it does not show any problem. But first time i turn on the FMPC computer the message appears. Is that normal? or there is some data problem in my FMPC computer. Please help me.

  Thank you again for your help.

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