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3011Sm Wont Recognize My P2 Chemistry


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Ok so i had a bad p2 and didnt know it was leaking until it said it was out. went to check it and i had crystal stalagtites and crystalization on the tray. I have cleaned up as much as i can without tearing anything apart and the lab says that my p2 is still out when i put in a brand new one. checked the float in the bf and cleaned the black sensors under the p2 that come together when a new p2 is installed. any ideas on what to check next.

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First thing to do is to clean the sensors on each chemistry probe, to do this properly you will need to remove the plate that the packs fit onto and turn it upside down, then remove the sensors from the probe housing and clean the transparent plastic etc, also check the wires have not corroded then refit.

If any of the LED's are not on with a full pack in place (locked into position) turn the appropriate pot clockwise until the LED just comes on, then turn a further 3-5 turns clockwise.

As a proper test fit an empty pack in place and check all LED's are off, if any are on, it either means the pack is not completely empty, or the pots have been adjusted too far clockwise, if so back off by turning anti-clockwise until the LED goes off.

When you fit the new pack all LED's should be lit.


Have a look at this post too http://www.minilabhelp.com/yourforum/index.php?/topic/18350-v30sm-f2-error/

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