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3001, Image Processing Pcb Operation Error & Printer System Error


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Hi Everyone on this forums


I oftenly get these error on my machine QSS 3001.


The first error No. 6820-16801 (image processing PCB operation error).

The second error No. 6056-0024 (Printer System Error).


I am not a technician but i tried these following and it works for sometime.


I close down the machine from the main menu, i checked the connections on my Image processing PCB then i restarted the machine, the first error clears off for sometime but the second still appears.

Then I close down the machine again from the main menu and then i blow the vacum cleaner on the Image processing PCB and on the PC unit, It works for somedays for both the errors.


I dont know what could be the problem.


Please help me with these error.



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