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Blank Prints On Qss-3312


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Hi everyone!


Today in the middle of printing our prints started coming out blue. The lab tech then did any emulsion change on the paper and it was also blue, however she read the strip and registered the values :( After that all of the prints are coming out white or blank. I had her read a backup disk from the day before to no avail. I came up there and tried to read another disk from Monday to no avail. Even the daily set up is totally blank. We turned of the machine for 30 min per Noritsu tech support with the same outcome. Could it be an AOM driver? I had the laser replaced about 2 or 3 years ago so it better not be that again! Could it be a chemistry issue? Ran a strip on Thursay and it was fine. As were the daily set up and emulsion changes for today. Any ideas? The only thing that bothers me is that in the past month about 4-5 times I have gotten a main PCB error(sorry but I didn't write down the code) Can that affect the exposure as that is what I am guessing to the blank prints.

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It's very easy to change AOM driver on this minilab and you can do it yourself. Just turn off minilab breaker, pick-up minilab top ( like a car hood ) , disconnect 4 connectors ( two BNC connectors turn counterclockwise and then pull ) , remove one screw, which hold AOM driver ( second crew just loose ) . Then you can remove faulty AOM driver ( B AOM driver BNC connectors will be marked with blue color ) .  Then connect new ( or repaired ) AOM driver ( pay attention that input and output BNC connectors are the same - do not connect wrong ) . After that close minilab, turn on it and run initial setup. Some instead initial setup few times make daily setup, weakly setup and emulsion number change for all magazines ( except master paper ) .

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