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Replacement Ff Laser Required For Qss 3201


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Hi!  My name's Cliff, and I'm in Bodmin, Cornwall.

I need a replacement / exchange / refurbished laser for our 3201. I gather that I should obtain an "Ff" version.

I have heard of exchange lasers from the USA and Poland. Does anyone have experience of this or can direct me to where I can enquire please.

My email address is:  cliff@clemensphotography.co.uk

Thank You

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Hello Cliff,

We have a high qualified engineer in UK and he can determine the defective part in your laser unit and can replace the defective laser head on the spot (right in your place).

In this case you will no need to send your precious laser unit somewhere and pay for express post service. As you may know that they quite often damage the laser unit or even may lose it.

Please place here the list of errors which laser generates (if any) and scanned images prooved that laser has a sort of malfunction.


BTW: Why did you decide that your laser needs to be repaired?


About us:

We located in Russia and Latvia (EU).

I will send the phone number of Romas to your private message area.

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