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Pic 2.6 Reinstall

Br iSmith

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PIC 2.6 Just crashed with following error:

Windows XP could not start because the following file is         missing or corrupt: \WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM


I fear that I may have to reinstall windows and PIC I have the following cd's can you tell me if I have everything that I need to reinstall and in what order to install.


PIC Vr 2.6.1 Installation CD

Fuji Personality PIC 2.6 CD

PIC 2.6.1 service pk 3 cd

PIC Lite 2.0



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My advice would be to make hard disc image when all work well. Sorry, but it is too late. Now can try repair XP instillation. I think you have Windows XP PRO upgraded from Windows 2000 PRO ( because this message is typical for Windows 2000 ) . 

Because your Windows can't boot you should boot using some additional DOS software ( for example well known mini Windows XP ) . First run check disc ( boot from Windows installation CD, run Windows repair and check disc command ) . Then restart computer and see it help or not. If will not help then try to copy "system" file to some other place, make copy "system.alt" file and rename it to "system" . Then restart computer and run it on safe mode. 

If you still have the same error then try copy "system" file from "repair" folder and try run in save mode using it.

If even that will not work then run Window repair from Windows instillation menu. Windows instillation  CD should match version, which is installed on your hard disc. After Windows repair your computer will be reconfigured. It will have all software you had before.

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