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Replenisher Cartridge Cleaning Valve Abnormal


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I got a following error message right after changing the replenisher cartridge for frontier 375:




P2RA Replenisher cartridge cleaning valve abnormal.

About 380 3R size sheets can still be printed without replenishment.


I have never encountered this problem before. Any ideas?

any help would be much appreciated.





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Is this also a prints exceeds limmits if so check the cleaning assembly valve there should be a rubber nipple in there it could be this formed or swollen if everything looks good there there is i think six float switches on the printer make sure none of them are stuck if that lokks good dump the. Replenishment system and wait for it to run a cycle or force it from the control panel on the printer when you do this you will want to pull up i/o checks on the lp you want to make sure all those float switches are reading right dumping and refilling the replenishment system will cause theys sensors to become active? Let me know if you need any help i may be able to pull up manual and make it a little clearer for you

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