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1) "bad Parameter For Chemistry Synoptic"(Attached Pic),while Starting Up The Dks Application


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Machine Model is DKS1610

And the Following action taken by me recently to solve this problem

1)Reinstalled OS and Application DKS(also had tried installed from scratch)

2)Replaced Tank Can Board

3)Even to Replaced the whole DELL PC


the problem still persist,totally no clue now :( ,machine already down for few days,someone can help me?Really appreciate,if someone drop by and leave some comments on that.thank you!!! :rolleyes:



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I'm not technician, I own a DKS 1510 and always make backup of DKS folder plus an

extra backup with Norton Ghost of whole hard disk.

I never heard about this problem but my first step would be replace DKS folder for an

old working DKS folder backup.

If that not solves the problem I guess it could be a mechanical, not software problem,

(in my opinion).



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It could be, because you can not see the temperatures or levels or anything else. But it could be bad PCI LVDS board or even bad HDMI cable or bad contact of that board in the PCI slot as everythings is going in that board on the end. Can you see temperatures and test rack motor, pumps... from SU ?

Check also PC power supply on the back of the machine, check also the rack motor and 24V power supply and main fuses.

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Unbeliveble, but it is good that the problem is solved on the end :D

Problem was probably because of the conflict betwen LVDS board which is partially kind of the graphic board and maybe new monitor was using too much of the PC bandwidth ?

Maybe additional dedicated graphic board could be also solution ;)

But as always with the strange problem like this is important to check what was changed in the configuratio when it was working normally, but still when not connected issue like this is causing such a big problem, it is very difficult to detect :D

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