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Converting 2901Sm To Fuji Fa2


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Thanks Dave.  We have been looking at upgrading to a better 12" machine.  The one we have now is old, slow, and the print quality is only ok, but it is small and fairly reliable. We would like a machine that is a little faster with better image qualiy.

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Re: SM conversion:





Re: Slow speed:

We have a 2901RA.  I like it.  Image quality is just fine, but I hate prints where there is white text on a dark color (or black on white) as the text has a faint magenta tint.  Can't seem to get rid of it completely.  Can do lots of adjustments but it keeps drifting back.


As far as speed, you mean from digital images right ?  We did a couple things to speed it up.


1) We upgraded the PC-NRT3 (August 2009) with a faster PC with gigabit ethernet.


2) We installed a fast Synology 4 drive NAS (network attached storage) unit (December 2009) where we store EVERYTHING, and the 2901, pull images from it to print.  We now never copy/store anything on the 2901.


3) We later (June 2011) replaced our Noritsu CT-SL and bought a used HP kiosk system from a nearby lab that closed down, and it resizes images to whatever size they want it printed at (mostly 4x6s), and it prints them very fast.  Supposedly there are other kiosk companies that do this too.   Our older Noritsu CT-SL would not resize before sending to the 2901, so a customer with 10MP images would take a LONG time to load, PJP and print... Painfully... ridiculously.... slow....  even with a fast PC.



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