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Axelcolor Chemistry


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Axelcolor is having some good offer for chemistry this spring, im using Tetenal at the moment and it is working fine, but the price for the Axelcolor is very good so i ask if 

there is someone that is using that chemistry, and what the experience is.


I have DKS1710


Best regards


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I used Axel Chemistry here in the USA for a while.  I switched to CPAQ and then to Champion becasue a local deal stocks the stuff and I don't have pay shipping.


The Axel chemsitry ran cleaner then the cpaq or champion chemistry with less tar build up.  I think its good stuff. 

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I've changed today chemistry from kis to axelcolor, on their site  i can find the settings (water/chemistry) of bleach(0,25-0,75) and developer(0,11-0,89), but they have not settings for stabilizer.

I look for other chemistry , usualy other companies use the same replenishment rate 388 ml/square meter , but on axelcolor site there i couldn't find any information. Only one information is the one 2 litre bottle is for 100 litres of replenisher , so to make the 10 litres working solution i use 200 ml stabilizer for each stabilizer tank. I You use the same chemistry please write me the settings the settings and replenishment rate.

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Pskaro , i thought like You, but They didn't write about replenishment rate, so i thougt that the ratio would be different. I wrote them, the reply was :replenishment rat th same 388 ml , ratio 0,2-0,8.

So thanks fory Your reply :)

Ratio is not OK, check again with them because it means that for 1l replanisher you need 200ml STB concentrate, which is too much !!!


I stil think that ratio should be 0,02 - 0,98

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